The Glycemic index scale ranks the number of carbohydrates in foods from zero to 100 according to the extent to which they raise blood sugar levels after eating
The large fluctuations in blood sugar and the Foods that contain a high percentage of ( GI) are rapidly digested, absorbed, and metabolized Which leads to high blood sugar and Eating foods that contain a high percentage of (GI) leads to many health problems and difficulty of maintaining an ideal weight. Each type of carbohydrate is chemically different and includes (simple carbohydrates) one monosaccharide or two sugar molecules disaccharides While complex carbohydrates contain many sugar molecules linked together. The high GI food can cause blood sugar spikes and then be followed by rapid declines in blood sugar. Then a person may feel hungry. then resort to eating another meal. The sweetest type of sugar is fructose It is found in honey and fruits.
Dairy products, such as milk, cheese, and milk, they contain Galactose.
and One of the most common types of monosaccharides is glucose. It can be found with other sugars to produce disaccharides like maltose, sucrose, and lactose. For example, table sugar or so-called fructose. the bond between glucose and fructose. It is also found in some vegetables and fruits. however lactose, it is a link between lactose and glucose, and It is found in dairy products. Lactose is the least sweet among other types of sugar. lactose is the only sugar extracted from animals. maltose’s the last type of sugar which is commonly found in sweets and cereals, and in fruits such as pears and peaches however, the relationship of carbohydrates to energy, not all carbohydrates are the same, as food contains three types of carbohydrates, starches, sugar, and fiber. When simple carbohydrates are quickly digested, we may feel a rush of energy due to an immediate boost of glucose into the bloodstream, but we may then feel tired due to the sudden depletion of energy. Complex carbohydrates are digested more slowly, which means the less steady release of glucose as with whole grain foods and Legumes because the body will need a longer period to break them, which means that these types of carbohydrates give us energy over a longer period of time.

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